Sell Your Home FAST With No Showings!

Dear Homeowner,

Are you willing to sell your home if you can get every single penny that it’s worth with no hassle and no showings?

Due to the uncertainty in the world right now, you likely don’t want dozens of people coming through your home for showings.

But would you agree that your house is worth more right now than it will be over the next several years due to the pending economic concerns? So why not do a quick sale without the showings? And why not sell for a HIGH price while home values are still at the peak?

The National Association of Realtors recently released an article showing that a large percentage of home buyers are writing purchase contracts SIGHT-UNSEEN! This is normal now with so many photos and videos available online. They are buying cars the same way.

We are target marketing Realtors that have mastered the art of selling a home during the pandemic. We use photos and videos (no showings) to quickly sell a home with MULTIPLE offers. This allows you to choose the offer with the best terms, most flexible dates so you can make your move and of course secure a high sale price too.

This is working so well, and we are so confident we can sell your home at full price that we only need a 30-day listing agreement. We’ll likely have offers within 7 days with no showings.

The first step is for you to get some basic information on how we can make this work for you. We offer a totally free phone consultation so that you can explore this option. I’ve included my private cell number below, so you’ll reach me directly at anytime 8am to 8pm, seven days per week or please enter your information above for a NO-OBLIGATION of any kind CALL.

Text me your info and I’ll get right to work WOW’in you with value!